The Characters

Mina is only twelve years old and yet goes on the journey of her life! After an exciting ride on a magical coach, she reaches her new school, Cantus Magus! Always at her side, the non-stop talking cellphone Fonny!

Amy always travels on her flying carpet. She shares a room with Mina at Cantus Magus. They make friends very soon and Mina helps her pass the qualifying examination!

Scott Thicket is a little vampire! But you don’t need to be afraid of him, he won‘t suck your blood, he prefers milk. Just like Amy he makes friends with Mina. Since 500 years he applies for a place at Cantus Magus without success.

Sir Harold is a funny hatstand. He knows everything about fashion! Made out of oak wood he helps all the students at Cantus Magus who seek for any advise. He even held the queens crone once.

Rufus Balsamicus is the headmaster of Cantus Magus. He loves to welcome all students in the great Canorium. It is his task to prepare everyone for their huge qualifying examination.

Miss Balalaika is a teacher at Cantus Magus. To be exact, a very strict one. she teaches arts and song and is permanently very busy on time. Thats why she always sings her own song „Lot‘s To Do“!

Quentin and Marlin are rowdies! Coming out of riche families, they think they are better than every other student at Cantus Magus.

William D. Fennimore is coachman of the royal stage coach! On his way to the teeth mountain every day except wednesday. He also helps Mina to reach her new school and shows her the magical world of Ivastia.